Keep Going

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I'm Amy: An eighteen year old Interior Design major at the University of Alabama looking to improve my life through fitness. You can do it too!

So today I didn’t have any class and I did my Cardio Recovery earlier, so I just sat around and didn’t do anything! Other than eat lots of snacks of course… So I was really wanting to go to the gym, but it’s a mile walk and it’s dark. I really don’t like to go alone either, so I decided I would try a workout I actually saw on an infomercial earlier in-between handfuls of pretzels.

It’s called T25. It’s still by Shaun T and it’s 25 minutes. I’m not completely sure of how you’re supposed to do them, I found one that was Cardio so I just did that one! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! Sweat was LITERALLY dripping off of me. 

I felt like such a slob for not really doing anything all day, but I feel a lot better now! Time for shower number 2, dinner, and Project Runway! 

No class today so I finished day 11 of Insanity early. My wifi was messing up so I had to do a few of the exercises at my own pace. So frustrating but luckily it was only Cardio Recovery.

I’ll be home and online all day so message me questions/comments!

Keep Going!
xoxo Amy